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The Rod Murray Story

From working as a jackeroo on expansive inland cattle stations to building ironbark stockyards in the highlands of New South Wales Rod gained a love of the land and a passion for working with its beautiful timbers.

“My parents still run a cattle property just outside of Armidale. In my spare time as a boy, when I wasn’t out branding cattle or mending fences, I was always working with timber making clocks, bowls, billycarts and tables.”

Rod said, “You can’t beat the look and feel or natural Australian timbers. The warmth of mahogany and cedar. The silky feel of myrtle. Australia’s outback is reflected in the warm glow of redgum. Our tables are alive with the sought after grain features of birdseye and fiddleback.” 

These timbers are becoming very hard to find. “The way we look at it is... ,
nature has done 99% of the work and it’s our job to do this creation justice,
by crafting a table or cabinet that not only fits into its new environment ‘your home’ but also shows off all of its natural beauty”. Most of the timber comes from 200 to 500 year old trees that have died or fallen over years ago. To do this timber justice we use time proven cabinet making techniques such as mortise and tenon joints, dovetails and timber wedges to construct furniture that will last through the years. 

We have one of the largest selection of single piece (slab) tables in Australia and have satisfied customers in the USA, England, Thailand, Iceland, to name just a few countries as well as all around Australia. To view the tables and other pieces click on furniture or visit the Rod Murray Gallery at Peats Ridge. 

Jason Vila

Jason has been a valuable part of the Rod Murray team for almost a decade.
Already boasting an impressive resume he gained more skills working directly with Rod and has been a true craftsman in his own right for a long time.

In Jasons own words:
I have always had a passion for working with wood. Whether it was building skate board ramps and tree house’s as a young boy to now handcrafting custom made timber furniture for clients around Australia and even the world. Nothing beats taking a slab from the kiln and turning it into a beautiful dining table or creating a custom made cabinet to display in the showroom or for one of our customers. I have worked at Rod Murray Furniture for 7 years, Rod was good enough to take me on as an apprentice and take me under his wing. He taught me everything he knew about furniture and the characteristics of various timbers.

He always said that nature has done the hard part in creating the timber and that we get the fun job of turning it into a one off piece of furniture. Over the past 15 years Rod has set a very high standard for his furniture. I guarantee to uphold this standard and build every piece of furniture in Rod’s honour.
He was a great boss, an awesome teacher but most of all a good mate.